Things Only Teachers Understand #2

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Things Only Teachers Understand | Teacher Humor  |

You see a student heading towards your desk, usually during a particularly inconvenient time (like right when class is starting or during your lunch break). By the look in their eye, you can tell they're mad at you about something...

They just checked their grade online, they say. And YOU got it WRONG! You (choose any of the following) entered their quiz grade wrong, didn't give them credit for the project they did and definitely submitted, are taking too long to enter a grade, gave them a 4 out of 5 when they clearly earned a 5 out of 5 and it's all your fault!

Being the more mature person, you say, "Well, let's take a look..." and bring up the online grade report or pull out the unfinished project...showing them that the mistake was clearly on their end.

And as they walk back to their seats looking all...

You, the mature professional, try really hard not to look too much like...

You know, sometimes its the little things that make a teacher's day a bit brighter.  
Hang in there, everyone!


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