Honoring Hispanic Heritage on Cinco de Mayo

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Honoring Hispanic Heritage on Cinco de Mayo

Teachers in my district have spent a lot of time this year working on becoming better "students of our students."
We have looked at how demographics are changing in our area. How many of our students are living below the poverty line. Which students speak multiple languages, were born outside the United States, or have already experienced severe trauma in their lifetime. It has been eye-opening and humbling to struggle with the awareness that even when our classes don't appear particularly diverse, each individual in our room has their own story that is unique and impacts their learning.

With this in mind, and with May 5th swiftly approaching, I wanted to take the time to revisit an article I wrote for TeachHub regarding the misconceptions about Cinco de Mayo. Additionally, I also give some suggestions on how to celebrate this holiday with your students in a culturally responsible way. If they even know that Cinco de Mayo is a holiday, many students only know it as a day when lots of people eat nachos and drink Coronas! We must do better for our students.

Please check out the article: 

Honoring Hispanic Heritage on Cinco de Mayo

Do you have a unique way to celebrate this holiday in your classroom? Let me know in the comment section!


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