Things Only Teachers Understand #4: The Stages of Being Sick

Monday, May 1, 2017 / 2 comments
Things Only Teachers Understand #4: The Stages of Being Sick

1. You feel a little under the weather by the end of the day but refuse to admit you’re sick. You can will yourself into not catching whatever bug your students have been passing around all week.

That's not the start of a sore throat, I just talked a lot today. It's a caffeine headache. I am NOT getting sick.

2. By the time you get home, however, the truth has set in…you are officially sick.

 sick sigh ill flu GIF
Ok, I give up. I'm sick.

3. You briefly consider taking tomorrow off…but the thought of making sub plans is just too painful to contemplate seriously, so you go to bed. Maybe you’ll feel better in the morning…

Please, please, let me feel better in the morning...

4. You don’t feel better in the morning.

5. It’s too late to call in sick now, so you take every type of medicine you can find and head into school.

I'll just take two of each type and hope for the best.

6. All the medicine hits at once and you have a few class periods of feeling ok, but a bit spacey.

No, no...I'm fine. Everything just feels like it's on a 3-second delay is all...

7. The medicine wears off, but you still have half a day of teaching left.

 work amy poehler leslie knope everyday everything hurts GIF

8. Your fellow teachers start looking at you like you have the plague.

Not that you blame them, you hate when people come into work when they're sick too.

9. You find yourself Googling, “Could I have the plague?”

I have...a lot of these symptoms...hmm...

10. The day ends and you head home and collapse, hoping tomorrow you’ll feel better, because writing sub plans truly is just too terrible to contemplate. 

I'm just gonna lie down right here. No, no...I'm good. I just need to rest for a minute.

What's your least favorite part of being sick as a teacher? Let me know in the comments!


  1. These are so true! However, the longer I teach, the more appealing calling out sick is! If I'm feeling a stage 1, I will prepare plans before I leave work and leave them on my desk. If I feel worse and have to call out the next day, I don't have to worry! I also keep a folder of emergency sub plans handy for those lovely times when something hits you with no warning!

  2. that if you feel this way too, it’s okay. We’re human beings and we’re all a bit unsure, and none of use really know, and it really will all be okay. Right? RIGHT? Please say


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