The 10 Best Things That Happen on Summer Vacation When You're a Teacher

Monday, June 12, 2017 / 6 comments
The 10 Best Things That Happen on Summer Vacation When You're a Teacher

Here's an awesome list of all those little things that happen to teachers over summer break that just bring a smile to the faces of teachers everywhere!

1. You accidentally forget to turn off your alarm that first week, and when it goes off you get to giggle and go back to sleep.

 nap GIF
Ugh, I so wish I didn't have to get up tod...Oh, wait...I DON'T! Hehe...zzz zzz zzz....

2. You have a whole list of things you want to get done…but then you decide you’re not going to do them today.

Braxton Family Values  reality sisters nah braxton family values GIF
When I said I wanted to clean out and organize my closet when summer started
I meant later in the summer...

3. A friend, family member, or total stranger makes a snide remark about how nice it must be to only have to work nine months out of the year and you're just too relaxed to care.

 chill sloth relaxed GIF
Yeah, it IS pretty awesome. Have a nice Tuesday!

4. You have to write the date on something or someone asks if you're busy next Tuesday and you realize you have no idea what day of the week it is.

Iliza confused idk shrug uncertain GIF
Is it Monday? You look sad and tired, so I'm guessing Monday.

5. You read for no other purpose than your own entertainment.

 college magazine how reading read GIF
Absolutely no one in this book is talking about state assessment scores, growth mindset, or common core.
This. is. awesome.

6. After a week or two, you remember you have more than 10 minutes to eat your lunch.

 jessica chastain GIF
Did you know that if you slow down and chew you can actually TASTE what your eating?!?!?!

7. You spend time with your loved ones without a stack of grading between you.

RJFilmSchool yes school celebrate done GIF
Which is good, because my kids have totally caught on to the "Let's play the GRADING game!" trick.

8. Since you don't have to arrive at work as the sun is rising and leave after it has set, you actually get to spend some time in the sun.

 hot sunny sunshine bright sunlight GIF
The brightness and heat take some getting used to after living under the fluorescent lights for so long...

9. You start to have conversations about actual topics again – not just grading, administration, and which students (or parents) are driving you crazy.

 giggle the office laugh nbc jim halpert GIF
Hey, you're really funny when you aren't stressed out beyond all imagining!

10. You think about how many days of summer vacation are still left and get all giddy.

 happy smile nice pleased hehe GIF
Maybe I'll even clean my closet!  Hehe, yeah right.

Enjoy your break, teachers! You've earned it! 

Have any other fun summer moments that only teachers understand? Share them in the comments!


  1. I ❤️ every single one of these!

  2. HAAAAA... I can't stop laughing. Thanks for sharing such HAPPY post.

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