46 Reasons You Might Be Freaking Out Right Now (if you're a teacher at the end of summer vacation)

Tuesday, August 8, 2017 / 1 comment

46 Reasons Why You Might Be Freaking Out Right Now (if you're a teacher at the end of summer vacation)

It's coming. Whether we like it or not, the first day of school will be here soon. Here are just a few of the random anxieties floating around in my head... Can you relate?

You only finished 5 of the 87 books you hoped to be able to read this summer.

The house still looks like a pack of wild dogs use it as their den.

You aren’t nearly as tan as you want to be before heading back under the fluorescent lights.

You’ve been having too much fun peeing whenever you actually need to go instead of holding it for hours on end.

You’ve been able to eat lunch at a normal hour, instead of at 10:30 AM or 2 PM or whatever other odd time your schedule dictates you can eat.

You actually have time to eat lunch now…and it’s really nice.

The thought of setting an alarm clock makes you twitch.

There are still a million people you said you’d hang out with once summer arrived…and you’ve only seen three of them.

You haven’t gotten your class rosters yet.

You have gotten your class rosters and they’re making you twitch.

The teacher in the classroom across the hall has her entire room set up with the theme you were planning on using this year.

You haven’t chosen a theme for your classroom yet.

The thought of choosing a classroom theme makes you twitch.

None of the school supplies you ordered for the start of the year have arrived yet.

They changed your schedule.

You’re teaching an entirely different class/grade/course this year.

You’re teaching the exact same thing you’ve taught for the past _____ years.

The “Back-to-School Nightmares” have started.

A fellow teacher’s son/daughter will be in your class this year.

The school principal’s/superintendent’s son/daughter will be in your class this year.

The brother/sister of that student will be in your class this year.

It’s still too hot to spend all day inside.

Analyzing last year’s testing results.

Writing/reviewing special education paperwork for all the students who move in a day before the school year starts.

Your teacher friend from another district doesn’t start until September.

None of your teacher clothes fit.

It’s been nice not to hear people asking you to repeat directions immediately after you finish saying them (unless you have kids…then this one really doesn’t apply).

You’ve been able to stay up past 10 o’clock in the evening.

You’re not caught up on all the TV shows you couldn’t stay up for during the school year.

Trying to work out how you’re going to attend your Back-to-School Night and your kids’ Back-to-School Nights is already giving you headaches.

You decided to try flexible seating…and you’re terrified.

You didn’t decide to do flexible seating…and you regret it.

Right now, it’s a weekday and you’re not teaching.

The lifeguards at the pool know you by name.

You’re going to need to start remembering which day of the week it is.

The desk arrangement you planned out in your head doesn’t work the way you thought it would once you got into your classroom.

You can’t get into your classroom because the custodians are still waxing the floors.

The school construction that was supposed to be done in July still isn’t finished.

The redecorating/redesigning project in your house that was supposed to be done by June still isn’t finished.

Your kids/pets have just started to sleep in.

You’ve become very committed to your daily naps.

The thought of leaving your kid(s)/pet(s) every day makes you weepy.

The putty you bought to stick your posters on the wall isn’t working.

Having to pack a lunch every day is a pain.

What if the students don’t like you?/don’t listen to you?

You’ve just started to relax and now summer is over!

What did I miss? Let me know what you're feeling anxious about in the comment section!

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