3 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Students for the Future

Wednesday, December 20, 2017 / 2 comments
3 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Students for the Future

For most children, classroom education is their primary preparation for college, careers, and life beyond. Although parts of our current school curriculum help students move into their futures, it’s up to teachers to end the disparity in the areas that are still lacking. These three classroom strategies will better prepare your students for their lives ahead.

Re-imagine Group Work

For obvious reasons, group work is viewed as an excellent way to teach students the principles of collaboration. In college, the workplace and all walks of life, getting along with others is a critical part of success.

Group projects must be designed to prioritize collaboration. Placing too much importance on the finished product usually generates a counter-productive learning environment. Namely, one or two students may end up tackling the entire project while everyone else is missing in action.

In these conventional scenarios, all group members stand to learn more if their grades depend on communication and participation. High achievers have an opportunity to lead and inspire others. These are the opportunities that can impact students for the rest of their lives.

With group work, the current curriculum increases the disparity between the classroom and the rest of the world by encouraging students to forego collaboration. Teachers must do everything possible to flip the script.

Merge Critical Thinking and Creativity

There’s a common belief encouraged by the school curriculum that certain classes are opposite. For example, art class and physics are perceived as being at very opposite ends of the learning spectrum.

No matter what class you’re teaching, your students will benefit if you create an environment that challenges this belief. There is room for art in science — and science in art.

Encouraging your students to get creative when solving problems is one of the best ways to prepare them for the real world. When school is over and students are no longer part of a curriculum that pushes them toward graduation, they must rely on their own problem-solving skills. Creative, critical thinking is essential in navigating the complicated world of career searching, financial management, and adulthood at large.

As a result, students should be rewarded for creativity even when they fail. This fosters an environment where students can better play to their strengths. At the very least, it will teach them the lesson that true failure occurs only when they don’t try at all.

3 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Students for the Future

Teach Them How to Learn

The internet has completely changed the learning process. Savvy internet users are capable of teaching themselves nearly anything. As a teacher in the 21st century, you must help your students understand the power of the resources at their fingertips.

Despite the outdated textbooks and learning resources of the current grade school curriculum, many students — especially high schoolers — will inevitably turn to the internet for answers. If they choose to pursue an online educational program, these skills become even more critical. They will need guidance in separating the wheat from the chaff while scouring online resources.

It helps to create a list of websites for your students to use as examples of reputable websites. These lists are great for providing additional practice on complex subjects. When students use them correctly, online resources can be used to prepare for the rigors of medical school and other intense fields of study.

Most importantly, efficient internet-browsing techniques give students limitless learning potential in their lives beyond. Students will find that success in modern careers is all about staying on the cutting edge of their industries. Using the internet is the only way to make that happen.

Though our current school curriculum may be outdated, it’s possible for teachers to arm students with the skills necessary for success in life. Collaboration, creativity and a healthy understanding of the internet are the most important skills students can hone before venturing out into the world.

3 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Students for the Future


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