Teacher-Tested Tips for Kids in Need of an Extra Challenge

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 / 2 comments
Teacher-Tested Tips for Kids in Need of an Extra Challenge

There are more tools available to teachers than ever before to help underachieving students. Gifted students, on the other hand, are often overlooked. They become bored in the classroom, which can create both academic and behavioral challenges. Here are some great teacher-tested tips for helping kids who need an extra challenge.

Teacher-Tested Tips for Kids in Need of an Extra Challenge

Advanced Reading

Reading is an activity that students of all grade levels can do independently. It is therefore a great way to challenge them. Provide gifted students with more advanced reading materials and more challenging comprehension questions. This will help prevent them from feeling too "different." They will be doing the same tasks as the other students but will be pushed to grow just as much.

Introduce Technology

Educational technology offers a wide variety options for gifted students. There are educational games available that increase in difficulty as students improve individually. This means that the whole class can participate, and gifted students will not max out. ABC Mouse is a favorite among many teachers, because it allows students the element of choice. Attending an online K-12 schools is another great way to challenge gifted students, because the curriculum is often tailored to each student's ability.

Crafts and Games

It is important to remember that gifted kids are still kids. They still enjoy crafts and games! "Make Your Own Monopoly" is a great activity for gifted students. Work with them to draw a blank Monopoly board on a large poster board. Then have them choose the names of the properties, create their own money, and write their own Community Chest and Chance questions. It is a great way to teach them about community roles and money, while allowing them to be creative, artistic, and silly. 

Group Students Strategically

In dramatic play, simple games, and art, group students randomly. Academic achievement matters less than personality here, and it is good for students to learn to interact socially with a lot of different people. When it comes to core subjects and group projects, gifted students should work together exclusively. They can challenge each other. They can plan and execute work on the same level. Otherwise, gifted students become bored and other types of students become overwhelmed.

Using these four simple strategies, students of all levels can coexist. Kids in need of an extra challenge will have an opportunity to grow without other kids being left behind. They are all teacher-tested but parent- and babysitter-friendly!

What do you do to differentiate for kids who need a challenge? Let me know in the comments!

Teacher-Tested Tips for Kids in Need of an Extra Challenge


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