Fun Ways to Enliven Your Classroom and Prevent Burnout

Friday, June 22, 2018 / 2 comments

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A dull classroom is a place that has consequences for both teachers and students, and one of those effects is burnout. When teachers are essentially begging students to participate, and students feel entirely bored by the subject matter, everyone can begin to lag. Instead of allowing this unproductive atmosphere to take over your classroom, integrate strategies for infusing fun.

Break up the Lectures 

While lecturing is sometimes necessary to relay specific information to students, speaking at students, as opposed to with them, for protracted periods of time is a clear and direct recipe for boredom. Integrating mini-lessons along with small and large group discussions is a way to teach the same skills in a different way.

Try having students take turns teaching small groups different concepts. Assign these mini-lessons ahead of time so the students have time to prepare and they can get excited about having a chance to teach.

Ask Students to Demonstrate Skills 

After you have reviewed a particular skill, you can ask students to come up to the chalkboard to show what they've learned. You may have some eager participants, or you might need to call on students to engage in the tasks. For example, after teaching a mathematical concept, you may ask them to students to write their own word problems on the board.

After a grammar lesson, you can ask students to correct sentences. If this gets a little boring, turn it into a relay race. Divide the students up into teams and each team member can only do one thing on the board before handing out the marker to their teammate. This will encourage teamwork and will require the students to pay attention when their classmates are at the board, so they don’t get lost when it is their turn.

Venture Outside 

If your school permits you to do so, take the students outside. Some students are uncomfortable sitting on the ground and trying to balance their laptops and notebooks, so plan a different type of lesson. When you're teaching about different types of rocks or leaves in a science unit, you can send students on a scavenger hunt to find these items.

During a math lesson measurements, you can ask your class to measure different structures around the school. You can also assign students to find what inspires them and create a piece of writing or visual art. Not only will this give your lesson a hands-on element, it can also help work off some of the excess energy that your students may have.

Play Trivia 

While you may consider reviewing for tests as an important part of the classroom experience, you might notice that students tend to skip out on these sessions, especially in higher grade levels. Instead of simply reiterating the material to them, set up a game of trivia so that they can assess their own skills ahead of the exam.

Give them some incentive to participate, such as a few points of extra credit for the highest score, or make it into a game show format, such as Jeopardy or Family Feud. Not only will this get them more involved, it can help them form new connections to what you have taught them so they can do better on their tests.

Learning might not be fun every single second of the school day, but you can do your best to make it interesting. The more you are able to engage your students, the better they will do, and the more you will be able to help them.


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