Everything You Think You Know About Homeschooling Is Wrong

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You may be considering homeschool for your child, but you have likely also heard the stigmas that go against it. You'll hear people say that homeschooled students do not receive as good of an education as students in a public or private school setting, that homeschooled students lack socialization skills or that homeschooled students have trouble getting into college.

Everyone has an opinion, but if you think homeschool might be a good fit for your family, it's important for you to do your research. Here are four ways homeschooling might be different from what you thought.


Many parents are concerned that their children will not receive the same sort of education through a homeschool program as they will at a public or private school. However, homeschool curriculum usually consists of the same classes as other schools.

Your children will get the same basic classes such as math, science, and reading and will also have the option to take extracurricular classes. In addition to your children taking the same classes as other students, you can tailor learning to their needs and move at their pace. You can be assured that your children are getting the most out of their education.

Homeschool Isn't Just at "Home" 

You may think of homeschool as learning that occurs at home with a parent, children and a set of workbooks. That is not always the case. Often, children attend virtual classes where they can learn from experts in their field. Your children also have a greater opportunity to get out of the house and experience hands-on learning. You can visit local museums, zoos and more.

Homeschooled Students Have Friends Their Age 

If you are worried that your children will not get enough opportunities to socialize with other children, you should know that there are actually many ways for them to spend time with others their age outside of a traditional schooling experience. There are homeschooling groups that get together for special events and meetings. You can also enroll your children in sports and activities where they can make friends.

Homeschooling is Affordable 

Many people worry that they cannot afford to give their children the same education as they would get at a public school. In actuality, homeschool is much more affordable than you think. As long as you get creative, you can give your children a quality education while still staying within your budget. There are plenty of free or cheap resources available to help you teach your children everything they would learn in a public school.

Homeschooling may very well be the answer for your family. There is much more to it than people often think. It can be an enriching educational experience for your children.


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