Why Field Trips and Reading Go Hand in Hand

Friday, August 31, 2018 / 4 comments

Field trips are such a fun way to introduce kids to new topics and experience that broaden their interests. For some kids, reading a story sparks new interests, and parents can find field trips to encourage that interest. This is especially important if your child is struggling for any reason. Helping them find a new interest and passion for something may be what they need to feel confident in themselves. A field trip shouldn’t stop after you leave the location! Continue that fascination by introducing books that allow your child to learn even more.

Visit a Local Museum to Spark Interests 

Image credit: Dinosaur Land

It is evident that reading and field trips go hand in hand when you check out a local museum. Your family might visit a dinosaur museum or an art museum. There are thousands of museums, and some have very specific topics. Use field trips to different locations as a jumping point to find out more about different topics or time period. 

While you visit the museum, see what exhibits interest your child the most. It could be that huge T-Rex skeleton, or your child might think the showcase of different butterflies is fascinating. Check out the museum gift store because many offer books that cover topics in the museum. You can look online and at the local library. 

Brings Books to Life

Taking a field trip and completing activities related to a book that your child read will bring the book to life. If your child read a book about life in a submarine, you might find a museum with a submarine you can tour. Then, your child might draw a picture of the submarine and watch a documentary about submarines. It is a great way to bring books to life.

Encourages a Love of Reading 

Image credit: United Way

Every parent wants their child to be a lover of reading. Showing your child how they can use books to learn more about topics that interest them encourages that love. Provide your child with a plethora of books that match potential and former field trips. Make sure their personal library offers a variety of topics, including plenty of non-fiction, science, and historical books. 

One of the best reasons to combine reading and field trips is that it teaches children how to seek the knowledge they want to understand. We want our kids to be able to have and know the tools to search out information. Teaching and showing our children how to figure out their interests and how to answer the questions they have is an important skill for everyone to have.


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