5 Key Traits of Thriving High School Teachers

Monday, September 17, 2018 / 2 comments

The most important resource we have in a society is education. Good teachers should
be lauded as heroes as they usher the next generation along from grade school to college
and beyond. To be good at this vital job, teachers need to have the right temperament
and the right traits. Here are five of the key characteristics that make a teacher successful.

#1. Student Interaction and Involvement

Student interaction is a critical part of high school success. A teacher that can engage
his classroom is one that makes learning more than just memorization. He makes it into
a memory. The more that the students are involved in the learning process, the more
likely they are to retain information. If a teacher can ask a question and get several additional
questions in return, he is stirring imaginations and getting the thinking processes going.

#2. A Sense of Humor

If a teacher can take a boring assignment and make it humorous, it is more likely to get
the attention of her students. Being able to laugh and still learn is a huge bonus.

#3. A Willingness to Learn

The best teachers know that they have to be continually learning different techniques and
new ways to reach their students. Any teacher who is not willing to continue to evolve will
become stagnant and is unlikely to be considered among the best teachers in the school.

#4. Approachable With Problems

Whether the student is struggling with the classwork or is having problems in their private
life, the teacher who is a willing ear and a guiding hand will be the teacher who is most
appreciated by the students. One day the teacher may help someone get better grades
and the next day they may save a life. These are the teachers we need more of in all of our

#5. A Fair and Even Disciplinarian

Believe it or not, most students like to have discipline as long as it is fairly and evenly
applied. A teacher who can treat everyone equally without favorites sets the example of how
rules are supposed to work in real life. Knowing what is expected of them and the
consequences if they fail to meet those expectations takes some of the tension out of the
classroom for the students.
A teacher who is all of these things is someone that should be revered by society as a
whole. Teachers are heroes with invisible capes and should be treated as such.


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